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Make a gift of Tudor history

Looking for the perfect gift for the history lovers in your life?

There are many ways you can treat your history loving family, friends, colleagues… and, of course, yourself… to Tudor Places magazine.

Perfect for any occasion and for those who love Tudor history and the places where it happened.

Taster Bundle

Issues 7, 8 & 9 for £19.99

First Year Collection

Issues 1 - 6 for £39.99

The Lost Palaces of Henry VIII

Special issue for £9.99

Single Issues

Back issues in print and/or digital format

Taster Bundle

Perfect way to try Tudor Places magazine

For anyone you think would love Tudor Places magazine this handy bundle is a good place to start. Articles include Henry VIII's astronomical clock at Hampton Court Palace, the Battle of Bosworth, birthplace of the Tudor dynasty, the Lost Palaces of Hatfield, Suffolk Place and Whitehall, The Tudors: Made in Brittany?, Christ Church, Oxford, The Isle of Man: Fiefdom of the Earls of Derby, interviews with historians, curators and hall managers, itineraries for unforgettable trips exploring Tudor places, plus book recommendations and more.

First Year Collection

The complete first year of Tudor Places

This bundle of SIX magazines makes an excellent gift. With the complete first year collection, readers can enjoy the articles of the first 3 issues as well as The "Wolsey Closet" at Hampton Court Palace, The Tudor Garden in Wales: A new style of gardening, The Tomb of Henry VII: 'Dampnable pompe and oterageous superfluities', plus more interviews, itineraries, and book recommendations.

The Lost Palaces of Henry VIII

Our first special issue

This special issue of Tudor Places magazine features in-depth articles on ten of the palaces which Henry VIII built or acquired. Each article includes information on the site, layout and decoration of the palace, and the momentous events that occurred there. We explore what of the palace can still be seen on site, or elsewhere, and how to visit, along with a list of books and articles for further reading. Articles from the popular ongoing series on the Lost Palaces of Henry VIII from Issues 1-10, all in one handy and beautiful issue!

Single issues

Complete your collection or just dip in and out

Back issues can be purchased in both print and digital formats. Buying single issues is a great way to fill in any gaps in your Tudor Places collection or focus on particular topics of interest. We’ve covered some unmissable topics over the issues to date with fascinating articles, thought-provoking interviews, the latest news and research, itineraries for Tudor trips and so much more.

The magazine is a 'must'. Each issue explored well known and hidden locations that played a part in Tudor history. In one way or another, each location helped shape the past and forge the future. The magazine boasts contributions from many RHG fan favourites including Alison Weir, Elizabeth Norton, Sarah Gristwood and Nathen Amin. To be honest, I can't think of a magazine that better embodies the interests of our community.
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