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Perfect for people who love history and the places where history happened.

Looking for the hidden detail?

In-depth articles by expert contributors on a huge variety of subjects from entire sites to individual features

Hear from the experts

Interviews with historians, archaeologists, curators, authors, house owners and managers

Want to plan the best Tudor trips?

Itineraries for weekends away exploring Tudor places, with recommendations on where to visit, eat and stay

What was it like to live in a Tudor manor?

Our regular column about the joys and challenges of living in and looking after a Tudor manor house today.

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The ONLY magazine dedicated to the Tudor environment, written by expert contributors

Why you'll love Tudor Places

Alongside news and articles that satisfy a general interest in the Tudors, you’ll get

  • Inspiration for planning the best Tudor trips, including where to visit, eat and stay

  • First-hand accounts of what it’s like running, maintaining and even living in Tudor places

  • The latest news, discoveries and findings from expert contributors - historians, curators and archaeologists

  • The ONLY magazine dedicated to the Tudor period, straight to your door or inbox

If you love history and the places where history happened, you’ll love Tudor Places!

The magazine has made me want to visit the places. It's good to know that there's so much more Tudor history left to explore and appreciate!
A Happy Reader

Feature Articles on a wide variety of topics

From Cumbria to Kent, York to St David’s, and everywhere between, we explore the breadth and depth of the Tudor world in all its previous glory and restored wonder.
Anne Boleyn’s Apartments at the Tower of London

Dr Alden Gregory

The Lost Palace of Nonsuch

Dr Elizabeth Norton

The Mary Rose

Celebrating 40 years since the raising of Henry VIII’s warship by Hannah Leueen Matthews

A Tudor Garden in Wales

Bettina Harden

Interview with Tracy Borman

Historian, Author, Broadcaster & Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces

A Trip to Tudor Suffolk

Sarah Morris, The Tudor Travel Guide

Interview with Suzannah Lipscomb

Award-winning Historian, Author, and Broadcaster

The 'Wolsey Closet' Hampton Court Palace

Charles Farris

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The ONLY magazine dedicated to the Tudor environment, written by expert contributors

If you are a Tudor fan, you won’t be disappointed – to be honest, if you are a history fan, you will not be disappointed. Each magazine has a wealth of content..... Moreover, Tudor Places has turned to the experts we are familiar with in order to get the best content available. Whether you are reading about the Tudors for pleasure or research, you will find something of interest and value in every magazine. Tudor Places is crammed full of quality content and beautifully presented. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Sharon Bennett Connolly - History... The Interesting Bits!

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These recent issues Tudor Places are jam-packed with articles on palaces, castles, cathedrals, manor houses, churches, military forts and more.

Articles include

  • No Time for Sickness: Henry VIII's astronomical clock

  • The Battle of Bosworth: Birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty

  • Hatfield Old Palace: A Palace Fit for a Future Queen

  • Christ Church, Oxford: Founded by a Cardinal and Re-founded by a King

  • The Tudors: Made in Brittany?

  • Churches from the Reign of Mary I: An Era of Stalemate

  • The Isle of Man: Fiefdom of the Earls of Derby

  • The Norfolk Tombs: A Family Mausoleum at Framlingham

  • Interviews with historians, curators, archaeologists and house owners, and itineraries for weekends away exploring Tudor places

  • Plus news, book listings and more........

I highly recommend this stunning new magazine, which has fascinating contributions from many leading historians.
Alison Weir

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