April 2023

Issue 6

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In Issue 6 of Tudor Places, we look at the splendid Renaissance tomb of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, explore Emmanuel College, Cambridge, learn about Bridewell Palace, and discover Carew Castle in Wales. There’s an itinerary for a Tudor weekend in Winchester, plus news, book listings and more…..

Type: Print Edition

Articles include

The Tomb of Henry VII

The spectacular Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey was built to house the magnificent tomb of Henry VII and his wife, Elizabeth of York, sitting at the heart of the Tudor mausoleum. Dr Emma J. Wells looks at the history and creation of this splendid monument to the founder of the Tudor dynasty.

Emmanuel College, Cambridge: 'A Puritan College'

Julian Humphrys explores his alma mater, Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Founded in 1584 by Sir Walter Mildmay, its distinctly Puritan character would be the cause of some controversy in late Elizabethan and early Stuart England.

The Lost Palace of Bridewell

One of the less well-known of Henry VIII’s palaces today, Bridewell was the king’s main London residence in the 1510s and 1520s, following the fire which destroyed the royal apartments at the Palace of Westminster. Dr Elizabeth
Norton looks at the history of this now lost palace, traces of which are found in the street names of the area.

Carew Castle: Wales's Tudor Palace

Located in Pembrokeshire in south-west Wales, the medieval Carew Castle was transformed into one of the largest and finest Tudor houses in Wales, of a scale
and quality to rival those of its English counterparts. Nathen Amin delves into the castle’s fascinating Norman, Tudor and Elizabethan history.

In Conversation with Rachel Mackay

Rachel Mackay is Head of Hampton Court Palace, an extraordinary Tudor and Baroque palace on the outskirts of London managed by Historic Royal Palaces. Rachel’s first book, "Delivering the Visitor Experience", will be published in August 2023.

A Tudor Weekend in Winchester

An important Roman town and Saxon city, Winchester in Hampshire also has a rich Tudor history. From the birthplace of Arthur, Prince of Wales to the wedding of Mary I in its stunning cathedral, the city offers a cornucopia of delights for any Tudor time traveller. Sarah Morris, The Tudor Travel Guide, travels to the city and highlights some of the fabulous historical places to visit.

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