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December 2023

Taster Bundle

Issues 7, 8 and 9

Articles include

  • No Time for Sickness: Henry VIII's astronomical clock

  • The Battle of Bosworth: Birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty

  • Hatfield Old Palace: A Palace Fit for a Future Queen

  • Christ Church, Oxford: Founded by a Cardinal and Re-founded by a King

  • The Tudors: Made in Brittany?

  • Churches from the Reign of Mary I: An Era of Stalemate

  • The Isle of Man: Fiefdom of the Earls of Derby

  • The Norfolk Tombs: A Family Mausoleum at Framlingham

  • Interviews with historians, curators, archaeologists and house owners, and itineraries for weekends away exploring Tudor places

  • Plus news, book listings and more........

Three issues of Tudor Places magazine jam-packed with articles on palaces, castles, cathedrals, manor houses, churches, military forts and more!

Perfect for people who love history and the places where history happened.