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  • Escape into the Tudor world - original, in-depth articles by expert contributors on palaces, cathedrals, castles, abbeys, churches, manor houses, guildhalls, battlefields and much more
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If you’re a Tudor fan you won’t be disappointed. To be honest, if you’re a history fan you won’t be disappointed.
Sharon Bennett Connolly - History… The Interesting Bits!
I highly recommend this stunning new magazine, which has fascinating contributions from many leading historians.
Alison Weir

In every issue of Tudor Places...

Henry VIII’s Lost Palaces

In each issue, we explore a lost palace of Henry VIII. Where were they built, what did they look like, how were they used, what momentous events happened within their walls and grounds and what, if anything, can be seen of them today?

Cathedrals, minsters and churches

From the cloisters to the nave, from tombs to stunning stained glass, we explore all the nooks and crannies of these wonderful buildings, learning who built them, how and why they were built and the significant events connected to them.

What’s it like to live in a Tudor manor house?

In each issue, Brigitte Webster, historian, author and owner of Old Hall, shares the realities of living in, and looking after, this stunning moated Tudor manor house through the changing seasons.

See things in a spectacular new light

Find out what's happening in Tudor places around the country: from lectures to exhibitions, events to light installations, there are wonderful activities that you and all the family can enjoy.

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Issue 10

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Articles include

  • Peterborough Cathedral
    A Phoenix in Stone and Glass

  • Border Reiver Country
    A Land of Fortresses, Tower Houses and Bastles

  • The Copperplate Map
    The Oldest Map of London, Now in Colour

  • The Lost Brooke House

  • King Henry VII Statue in Pembroke