June 2023

Issue 7

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In Issue 7 of Tudor Places, we explore the Old Bishop's Palace at Hatfield, learn about Christ Church, Oxford, and go further afield to the Isle of Man, a possession of the Tudor monarchs that was granted to the Earls of Derby. There's an itinerary for Tudor places to visit in Kent, plus news, book listings and more....

Type: Print Edition

Articles include

Hatfield Old Palace: A Palace Fit for a Future Queen

Henry VIII used Hatfield, the episcopal palace built for Bishop John Morton, as a royal nursery. It is most closely associated with Elizabeth I, who retreated to Hatfield during difficult times in the reigns of her half-siblings, Edward VI and Mary I. Dr Elizabeth Norton explores the remains of this red-brick palace and the momentous events that occurred there.

Christ Church, Oxford: Founded by a Cardinal, Re-founded by a King

Julian Humphrys looks at the early history of Christ Church, Oxford University’s grandest college. Initially founded by Thomas Wolsey as Cardinal’s College, it was
re-founded by Henry VIII and still maintains its royal links today.

The Isle of Man: Fiefdom of the Earls of Derby

Its strategic location in the Irish Sea meant the Isle of Man had a crucial role to play in the defence of England. Medieval and Tudor kings granted the island to trusted nobles as a reward for service, with the Stanleys ruling Man first as King, and latterly as Lord. Dr Kirsten Claiden-Yardley explores the island’s castles, forts and fascinating Tudor history.

The Churches Conservation Trust: Tudors through their Churches

The story of the changing landscape of England’s parish churches can be traced through those that survive. Dr Emma J. Wells looks at seven of these churches with Tudor connections, now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.

In Conversation with Heidi Meyer

Dr Heidi Meyer is Master of the Lord Leycester Hospital, a four hundred-fifty-year-old charitable organisation founded by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Master and Brethren continue to inhabit the original half-timbered medieval guild buildings in Warwick chosen by Dudley for his Hospital, forming an on-site living community that is directly connected to the Tudors.

A Tour through Tudor Kent

Of all the counties in England, Kent boasts an embarrassment of Tudor riches. This is largely on account of its position close to London and en-route
to the Continent but also because of its connection to the Boleyn family. Sarah Morris, The Tudor Travel Guide, leads us on a packed six-day itinerary from east to west, visiting some of the best Tudor places the county has to offer.

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