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October 2023

Issue 09

Articles include

  • No Time for Sickness
    Henry VIII's astronomical clock

  • The Lost Palace of Whitehall

  • King's College Chapel, Cambridge

  • Churches from the Reign of Mary I
    An era of stalemate

  • The Norfolk Tombs
    A family mausoleum at Framlingham


We look at recent excavations of a Tudor mansion that once stood within the grounds of Pembroke Castle, and the latest remains of Elsyng Palace, a former home to Henry VIII and regular residence for Edward VI and Elizabeth I, that have been unearthed by the Enfield Archaeological Society. We also find out about a project at Hardwick Old Hall to conserve a series of interior friezes, commissioned by Bess of Hardwick, that have endured centuries of exposure to the elements.

We speak to historian, author and broadcaster, Gareth Russell, about his recently published book on Hampton Court Palace and the pivotal role that knowledge of place has in our understanding of history.

We have an itinerary, created by Sarah Morris, the Tudor Travel Guide, for a long Tudor weekend in Pembrokeshire, in Wales, exploring the many connections that the first Tudor monarch, Henry VII, has with the county in which he was born. Brigitte Webster shares her experience of autumn at Old Hall, where the challenges of rain and dropped leaves are countered by the joys of a thriving kitchen garden.

In Last Place, Jessie Childs shares her favourite Tudor places with us.

All this, plus news, books and more…..

Contributors: Tracy Borman, Jessie Childs, Kirsten Claiden-Yardley, Julian Humphrys, Sarah Morris, Elizabeth Norton, Gareth Russell, Brigitte Webster and Emma J. Wells