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February 2023

Issue 05

Articles include

  • The Tudor Garden in Wales

  • The King’s House at the Tower of London

  • Christ’s College, Cambridge

  • The Lost Palace of Eltham

  • York Minster and the Tudors

  • Christ Church Gate Revealed


In this issue, we explore gardens, palaces, cathedrals, colleges, castles and gatehouses. We speak to Professor Suzannah Lispcomb, award-winning historian, author, and broadcaster, about the tangibility of history and how a sense of place helps us to better understand the people and events of history.

Sarah Morris, the Tudor Travel Guide, provides an itinerary for a weekend of haunting ruins, a spectacular castle and immersion in the life of an ordinary Tudor in West Sussex, and Brigitte Webster tells us about the delights of spring, following a very harsh winter, in her Tudor house. In Last Place, Melita Thomas shares her favourite Tudor places.

Plus new discoveries, books and more…….

Contributors: Alden Gregory, Bettina Harden, Kathryn Holeman, Julian Humphrys, Suzannah Lipscomb, Sarah Morris, Elizabeth Norton, Melita Thomas, Brigitte Webster, Emma J. Wells

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