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Wallpaper History - Talk and Tour

2 and 4 Homerton High Street, Hackney, London E9 6JQ
Date and Time
20 October 2022
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Explore the fascinating interiors of a 500-year old house in the heart of Hackney and discover what has been uncovered in recent conservation work on its historic wallpaper.

The evening will include a guided tour of the house, taking in many layers of history through its walls, from Tudor red brick, to dark wooden panelling and Jacobean painted walls, and a mural painted by 1980s squatters.

There will also be a rare opportunity to hear paper conservator Dr Philippa Mapes discuss the intriguing history of wallpaper, and what she has discovered while working to preserve the fragile wallpapers at Sutton House. It should provide an intriguing glimpse into past residents, their social status, interior design fashions throughout its long history, and the history of consumer culture in Hackney.

Event organiser is National Trust.

Disclaimer: All information was correct when the listing was prepared. Any questions about the event should be directed to the event organiser.

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