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Uncovering Mediaeval Roofs

Date and Time
25 January
7:00pm - 9:00pm
From £1.00


Opening the attic hatch into the hidden world beneath ancient rafters

Attics are dark and enigmatic places. Yet in ancient buildings they offer the chance of illumination when trying to understand the historic development of a structure. Roofs are often the least altered element of a building and retain more of their original fabric than any other part of a property. For researchers they offer a hugely significant repository of data which can be understood and interpreted.

This online event will open the attic hatch on the lost, hidden and fascinating world of mediaeval roofs. We will look at how roofs are constructed, the changes in design across time and place, the functions of roof spaces in the past, and some of the startling archaeological discoveries that are made up in the rafters.

The speaker, James Wright (Triskele Heritage), is an award winning buildings archaeologist. He has two decades professional experience of ferreting around in people’s cellars, hunting through their attics and digging up their gardens. He hopes to find meaningful truths about how ordinary and extraordinary folk lived their lives in the mediaeval period. He is the author of the popular Mediaeval Mythbusting Blog.

This lecture is crowdfunded through donation. It will be the debut of a new bespoke talk. There is no minimum donation so its possible to contribute as little or as much as you want. Your donation is your ticket and you will be sent a link to access the event by Eventbrite.

Please note that this live event will not be recorded and made available online afterwards.

*** If you have any problems accessing the events please email with your booking reference to james@triskeleheritage.com ***

Event organiser is James Wright, Triskele Heritage.

Disclaimer: All information was correct when the listing was prepared. Any questions about the event should be directed to the event organiser.

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