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The Farnham Monuments: Myths, Legends, and Family Fables

Date and Time
2 April 2022
5:00pm - 6:00pm

The Farnham Monuments: Myths, Legends and Family Fables: Moira Ackers

This is a story about the Farnham family who were pretty average members of the early-modern Leicestershire squirarchy. They were neither particularly prominent in the honour community nor very wealthy. So why do they have a chantry chapel in Quorn crammed with monuments? Between 1502 -1587 the Farnham's commissioned nine memorials. Why did they suddenly engage in this expensive elite activity? What were they trying to tell their contemporaries and how do we read their monuments today?

Moira Ackers, BSc(Hons), MA, completed her Art History MA at the OU with a dissertation on the Early-modern alabaster monuments and their sculptors in the East Midlands. She has been a member of the CMS for many years and now serves on the Council as Events co-ordinator.

Event organiser is the Church Monuments Society.

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