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How to Find a Medieval Castle with Rachel Swallow

Date and Time
22 March

Why do castles get lost? How do you find one? What constitutes a castle anyway? And could you be the next person to discover one?

Rachel Swallow has been on a mission to find Britain’s missing medieval castles, with great success. As well as finding lost ones, she’s also been making new discoveries about some of the UK’s most famous castles.

Historian, researcher, guest expert on the Great British Dig, and honorary fellow at Liverpool and Chester Universities, Rachel has some extraordinary new findings to share. Not to mention she has her own archaeology business, Swallowtail Archaeology!

Meanwhile, DigVentures has been investigating a medieval moated site at Soulton Hall, near Wem, on the English-Welsh border. What is it? And can Rachel help us find out?

In this live and interactive online talk, you will discover:

  • What castles actually are
  • Why they get lost
  • Techniques for finding lost castles – and other medieval sites too!
  • Lost castles that Rachel has recently found
  • Famous castles that Rachel has recently made new discoveries about
  • How you might help DigVentures identify a long-forgotten medieval site

This online event also includes an interactive puzzle for everyone to try solving. Will you become the next person to find a missing medieval castle?

Event organiser is DigVentures.

Disclaimer: All information was correct when the listing was prepared. Any questions about the event should be directed to the event organiser.

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