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Citizen Players, Playgoing Citizens - Professor Tracey Hill

Date and Time
5 June 2023

Were the early modern City of London and its livery companies really enemies of the theatre, or actually its friends and sponsors?

It is often assumed that the City and the stage inhabited completely different worlds. Contrary to their reputation as organisations made up of dour puritans hostile to playgoing, the City of London and its constituent livery companies were, however, active sponsors of players and playwrights. Numerous performance venues were located within the City’s boundaries, and the City itself had rich and enduring performance traditions that until recently have been overlooked.

This talk will explore some of the manifold connections between the City and the stage, with particular reference to the actors and dramatists who plied their theatrical trade at the Rose.

Tracey Hill is Professor Emerita of Early Modern Literature and Culture at Bath Spa University, and is herself a Citizen of London and a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Founders.


Via Zoom — you will be sent a link once you have booked.

Event organiser is The Rose Playhouse.

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