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Becoming Anne

Two Sisters' Theatre, Hever Castle, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 7NG
Date and Time
10 August 2022
8:00pm - 9:30pm

To celebrate 500 years since Anne Boleyn made her glittering debut at the court of King Henry VIII in 1522, historians Kate McCaffrey and Owen Emmerson will spend an evening charting the history of Anne Boleyn’s formative years, asking what factors shaped her into the woman who captured the heart of a king, divided a kingdom, and gave birth to the most famous queen in English history. Anne Boleyn had been afforded an unusually sound education at the family home of Hever Castle in Kent, and her advantageous appointments at two cultured European courts had been realised by the many successes of her Boleyn family, not least those of her father Thomas. She emerged at Henry VIII’s court as a cultured and engaging woman, steeped in the very essence of the Renaissance spirit that Henry VIII was so intent on engendering at his own court.

Kate and Owen will be signing copies of their exhibition book, ‘Becoming Anne’, which accompanies the 2022 exhibition they co-curated at Hever Castle.

Event organiser is Hever Festival

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