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Tudor Places is an independent magazine celebrating the Tudor built environment. Our mission is to explore the breadth of the Tudor world in all its previous wonder and restored glory.

From entire sites and landscapes to the details of individual features, Tudor Places uncovers how they were, the people who built them and what we can still see of them today.

Tudor Places will take you to castles, palaces, abbeys, cathedrals, manor houses, churches and prodigy houses. Plus much more besides like guildhalls, almshouses, hospitals, schools, shops, inns, military forts and the villages, towns, cities and countryside of the Tudor period.

The magazine includes:

  • Articles
  • Features
  • Interviews
  • Book listings

Readers can subscribe to print and digital editions. You can use our online encyclopedia to find a Tudor place and our What's On listings to find lectures, tours, events and exhibitions to watch and visit.

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General enquiries: enquiries@tudorplaces.com

Queries and requests on the encyclopedia: editor@tudorplaces.com

What's On Listing: events@tudorplaces.com